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Running with diabetes

Running; usually I enjoy it, occasionally I wonder why bother… but most of the times I can get myself off the couch and into the great wide open. Since before I had diabetes I already participated in track and field team, and ever since I’ve spent more years running than doing other sports. However the last two years before the insulin allergy treatment were tough. I would often want to go running yet often my sugars would be so inconsistent I either wouldn’t go or would need somebody to accompany me. My dad has been my coach for years and my mom my biggest fan. They were there when I would be soaked from the mud after a cross country run, would accompany me if my sugars were bad, cheer me on if I lacked motivation and picked me up if I couldn’t finish my run.
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Review: Medtronic running shirt

Recently I received an email from Medtronic that new accessories were available. I have had a pump for more than ten years and I couldn’t remember there ever being new ones so I was excited. It was a beautiful digital folder which, due to digital interactions, was fun to look through!

Whilst browsing I happened upon something genius and immediately knew I wanted to have this! It was a sports shirt designed especially for pump users with pockets where the pump would fit. Usually I would use the clip to attach the pump to my sports bra, but it isn’t very stable there and it gives a rash on my skin, so it really isn’t a great spot.

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