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Dexcom: initial excitement

The days before I am getting the Dexcom (G5) I am extremely excited. I simply cannot wait to try it out. Can it really live up to the hype? Is it really as good as others have told me? How will it be to not check my blood sugars on my pump but on my apple watch?!

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Medtronic vs Dexcom

My four years are up. It’s that time I get to choose a ‘new’ pump. A difficult choice since I will rely on this piece of technology to keep me alive every day. Currently I still have the Medtronic Veo (530 in USA) and roughly 0.5-0.75 years after I got this ‘new’ pump the 640G came out. Now the hybrid closed loop 670G is already out in the states but it most likely won’t come to Europe/Austria until the end of 2018. There are rumors the 670 might not reach Europe at all as the next version supposedly is coming soon. However I do feel that if I choose the 640G now I’ll have outdated software soon. I’m also not buying the iphone 5 anymore when the iphone 8 is already out. On top of that I’ve not been happy with the Medtronic sensors in combination with my veo pump. And then to think that these sensors will determine if my insulin will be shut-off for hypo’s or not. Currently, by the time I have already solved my hypo, my sensor usually gives me an alert. I have a whole lot of doubts and questions and for the first time in my life am really unsure about my next pump choice and feel a little unsatisfied with the choices. In Austria we currently only have the choice between the Medtronic 640G, omnipod, Ypsopump, Accucheck combo und Accucheck insight. All of these pumps have been on the market for quite some years and I just feel I would be majorly settling. I have heard quite some good reviews from my friends in the Netherlands about the Kaleido pump but so far this is only available in the UK and the Netherlands. I was actually really excited about the t:slim but this still hasn’t reached Europe yet although I’ve read online its coming to Scandinavia soon.

After always going for Medtronic without a doubt I feel myself at a loss. I am really sick of the Medtronic sensor inaccuracy and have decided to request a Dexcom trial. If I chose a Dexcom the pump market all of a sudden opens up as well, I feel like although there are a lot of options no matter what I chose I will make the wrong one. I would just really like to have something new, fresh and something that works well! For the next 1,5 weeks I will have a Dexcom at my disposal and a friend of mine has been so kind to lend me his 640G now he is using and old Medtronic pump to close-loop. A chance for me to try my options and see what the pros and cons are before I’m stuck with something for the next 4 years.

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Ja ik wil………………………………omlaag !!!!!!!

Origineel in twee delen verschenen op https://www.diabetestype1.nl/blogs/dagelijks-leven/48-ja-ik-wil-omlaag-deel-1-de-combi-trouwjurk-en-insulinepomp

Begin mei was het dan zo ver; mijn meisjesdroom kwam uit. Eindelijk mocht ik mijn fantasie gaan beleven; ik ging trouwen.

Al vrij kort na het moment van verloven begon ik al gekscherend grapjes te maken; zie je het voor je, op het moment dat we ja moeten zeggen ik in een hypo zit en te traag reageer. Of dat net voor ik binnen kom lopen ik een hypo voel, de deuren open gaan en ik suiker in m’n mond sta te proppen? Ik had er een leuke diabetes comedy film over kunnen maken. Hoewel het enigzins overdreven was zat er wel een kern van waarheid in, enigzins zorgen had ik wel over hoe mijn suikers zich zouden houden op de bruiloft. Maar dat duurde nog zo lang; dat zien we dan wel weer.

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I do……. not want to be this high

At the beginning of May all my dreams were finally coming true; I was going to marry the man of my dreams.

Shortly after the engagement I already started making ‘jokes’ I would be so low at the altar I wouldn’t remember to say I do. Or that I would feel a hypo coming on just before the doors open and when they open I am stuffing my face with food. My imagination was giving me plenty of ammo to make some great diabetes memes about all the funny-not-so-funny scenarios. Although these situations were slightly (?) exaggerated they did hold some truthful worries about the combination of my diabetes and my wedding day.

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Review: Medtronic running shirt

Recently I received an email from Medtronic that new accessories were available. I have had a pump for more than ten years and I couldn’t remember there ever being new ones so I was excited. It was a beautiful digital folder which, due to digital interactions, was fun to look through!

Whilst browsing I happened upon something genius and immediately knew I wanted to have this! It was a sports shirt designed especially for pump users with pockets where the pump would fit. Usually I would use the clip to attach the pump to my sports bra, but it isn’t very stable there and it gives a rash on my skin, so it really isn’t a great spot.

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Review: Medtronic hardloop shirt

Laatst kreeg ik een mail van Medtronic dat er nieuwe accessoires beschikbaar waren. Zelf heb ik al meer dan tien jaar een pomp en kon ik me niet heugen dat er ooit nieuwe accessoires bij gekomen waren dus ik was zeer verheugd. Het was een prachtige digitale folder die door de interactie erg leuk was om door te bladeren!

Tijdens het bladeren kwam ik iets geniaals tegen en ik wist gelijk ; dit wil ik hebben! Een sport shirt speciaal ontworpen voor pomp gebruikers met allerlei vakjes waar de pomp in past. Op dit moment klem ik hem aan de buitenkant van mijn sportbeha waar hij niet echt stabiel zit maar in de sportbeha krijg ik er schuur plekken van, dus dat  is helaas ook geen optie.

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