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Imagine, 15 minutes before you need to leave your sensor gives a high-alarm; 19.2

Yeah right, the thing is probably wrong again.

Outside I see a few drops falling, better check the weather app. There is a spike in rain in roughly 15 minutes. Hmm although it’s not very far I better take the car.

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Splash Mountain

Twas the middle of the night, everything was dark and I woke up with a parched mouth and excessive thirst. How could this be? I had just drank Splash Mountain?!

I am not unfamiliar to the fact that blood sugars can influence your dreams. Many a times have I woken up from dreams about delicious meals, gigantic cakes, or bathing in ice cream. Whenever I wake up I know my sugars will be crazy low and it will take all the strength to only eat some sugar tabs instead of the entire pantry.

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