Present tense, Past and Future; Using thesis writing to look back on my life

Flash back to a year ago; it was horrible. I remember I went home crying one day because the allergy doctor had told me that after two months I was still 12th on the treatment waiting list. My sugars got worse every day. I barely drove myself because my sugars were simply not stable enough for it to be safe so my mom or boyfriend went with me to meetings because they didn’t want me going alone by train either.

How low can you go?

.... On Sundays the boyfriend and I walk to the station, it’s good exercise and we have some time to chat. Last Sunday we were walking and I was rolling my bag through some left-over snow. I honestly thought it was the snow which made my bag feel so much heavier with every step. The boyfriend took over the bag and we continued our walk. With about 300 meters to go I told him that I needed to measure at the station because I was going low..... ns trein

Groningen = glutenvrij

De komende zeven maanden loop ik stage in het UMCG. Op de afdeling medische microbiologie ga ik werken aan darm bacteriën in combinatie met voeding (nerd alert) en......., erger nog, ik heb er zin in! Helaas is het drie uur met de trein dus niet te doen om elke dag heen en weer te gaan. Uiteindelijk heb ik een kamer gevonden en mijn moeder en ik, waren vorige week in Groningen voor de verhuizing.


Groningen = gluten free

During the next seven months I am an intern at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). I will be working with gut microbiota in combination with nutrition at the medical microbiology department, and (nerd alert) I am psyched ! Public transport from home to Groningen takes 3 hours so I have decided to rent a room there, which means have to miss the boyfriend a couple of days in the week. Finding a room was more challenging than expected I found one just before Christmas and thus my mom and I were in Groningen last week to get the key. image3