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Dexcom: crash and burn

After the first night with dexy I was a little less enthusiastic. During the day I had noticed that the app would crash every time I would open it but since I silenced all alarms on my apple watch I didn’t think too much about it. I was very happy when dexy woke me up to a low relatively in time. I turned off the alarm, or so I thought, and got out my sugar tablets. I had set all alarms to vibrate so was quite shocked when after five minutes my alarm went off again; full volume. Its safe to say my husband was not too pleased…. I tried turning the alarm off again but every time I would open the app it would simply crash. If I would open up the app again the alarm would be gone but nevertheless it would go off after 5 minutes again. I ended up just turning off the alarm, waiting until I was out of the alarm zone and then turning them back on. This was not making me a happy chappy….

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Dexcom: initial excitement

The days before I am getting the Dexcom (G5) I am extremely excited. I simply cannot wait to try it out. Can it really live up to the hype? Is it really as good as others have told me? How will it be to not check my blood sugars on my pump but on my apple watch?!

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Medtronic vs Dexcom

My four years are up. It’s that time I get to choose a ‘new’ pump. A difficult choice since I will rely on this piece of technology to keep me alive every day. Currently I still have the Medtronic Veo (530 in USA) and roughly 0.5-0.75 years after I got this ‘new’ pump the 640G came out. Now the hybrid closed loop 670G is already out in the states but it most likely won’t come to Europe/Austria until the end of 2018. There are rumors the 670 might not reach Europe at all as the next version supposedly is coming soon. However I do feel that if I choose the 640G now I’ll have outdated software soon. I’m also not buying the iphone 5 anymore when the iphone 8 is already out. On top of that I’ve not been happy with the Medtronic sensors in combination with my veo pump. And then to think that these sensors will determine if my insulin will be shut-off for hypo’s or not. Currently, by the time I have already solved my hypo, my sensor usually gives me an alert. I have a whole lot of doubts and questions and for the first time in my life am really unsure about my next pump choice and feel a little unsatisfied with the choices. In Austria we currently only have the choice between the Medtronic 640G, omnipod, Ypsopump, Accucheck combo und Accucheck insight. All of these pumps have been on the market for quite some years and I just feel I would be majorly settling. I have heard quite some good reviews from my friends in the Netherlands about the Kaleido pump but so far this is only available in the UK and the Netherlands. I was actually really excited about the t:slim but this still hasn’t reached Europe yet although I’ve read online its coming to Scandinavia soon.

After always going for Medtronic without a doubt I feel myself at a loss. I am really sick of the Medtronic sensor inaccuracy and have decided to request a Dexcom trial. If I chose a Dexcom the pump market all of a sudden opens up as well, I feel like although there are a lot of options no matter what I chose I will make the wrong one. I would just really like to have something new, fresh and something that works well! For the next 1,5 weeks I will have a Dexcom at my disposal and a friend of mine has been so kind to lend me his 640G now he is using and old Medtronic pump to close-loop. A chance for me to try my options and see what the pros and cons are before I’m stuck with something for the next 4 years.

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Ja ik wil………………………………omlaag !!!!!!!

Origineel in twee delen verschenen op https://www.diabetestype1.nl/blogs/dagelijks-leven/48-ja-ik-wil-omlaag-deel-1-de-combi-trouwjurk-en-insulinepomp

Begin mei was het dan zo ver; mijn meisjesdroom kwam uit. Eindelijk mocht ik mijn fantasie gaan beleven; ik ging trouwen.

Al vrij kort na het moment van verloven begon ik al gekscherend grapjes te maken; zie je het voor je, op het moment dat we ja moeten zeggen ik in een hypo zit en te traag reageer. Of dat net voor ik binnen kom lopen ik een hypo voel, de deuren open gaan en ik suiker in m’n mond sta te proppen? Ik had er een leuke diabetes comedy film over kunnen maken. Hoewel het enigzins overdreven was zat er wel een kern van waarheid in, enigzins zorgen had ik wel over hoe mijn suikers zich zouden houden op de bruiloft. Maar dat duurde nog zo lang; dat zien we dan wel weer.

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I do……. not want to be this high

At the beginning of May all my dreams were finally coming true; I was going to marry the man of my dreams.

Shortly after the engagement I already started making ‘jokes’ I would be so low at the altar I wouldn’t remember to say I do. Or that I would feel a hypo coming on just before the doors open and when they open I am stuffing my face with food. My imagination was giving me plenty of ammo to make some great diabetes memes about all the funny-not-so-funny scenarios. Although these situations were slightly (?) exaggerated they did hold some truthful worries about the combination of my diabetes and my wedding day.

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Splash Mountain

Twas the middle of the night, everything was dark and I woke up with a parched mouth and excessive thirst. How could this be? I had just drank Splash Mountain?!

I am not unfamiliar to the fact that blood sugars can influence your dreams. Many a times have I woken up from dreams about delicious meals, gigantic cakes, or bathing in ice cream. Whenever I wake up I know my sugars will be crazy low and it will take all the strength to only eat some sugar tabs instead of the entire pantry.

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Sportschool vs Ik

Afgelopen maandag zijn vriendlief en ik al 3 weken lid van de sportschool. Na twee dagen lidmaatschap liepen we al krom van de spierpijn. Misschien waren we iets té ambitieus begonnen….?

Naast het laag koolhydraat dieet wilde vriendlief vaker sporten. Dus toen hij laatst bij een sportschool wilde kijken ben ik mee gegaan. Dit was namelijk niet zomaar een standaard sportschool met alleen maar martelwerktuigen, deze sportschool heeft ook een zwembad (en ik wil weer vaker baantjes trekken + aqua-lessen doen), tennis banen + les (wat ik na mijn hardloop doelen dit jaar voltooid te hebben weer op wil pakken) en squash banen. Dit is dus wel een mooie combinatie van zwemmen en tennis voor mij, en tja, als je er dan toch bent kan je maar beter wat oefeningen doen om sterker te worden. Met mijn been spieren is niks mis, maar van yoga kom ik zeer gefrustreerd terug omdat ik mezelf al niet in de ‘downward dog’ op kan drukken laat staan daar dan rust en ontspanning in vinden…

De eerste avond zijn we gelijk goed begonnen door de tennis rackets af te stoffen en een uurtje samen te spelen. Ik werd weer helemaal blij om met m’n racket op de baan te staan. Er na hebben we nog heerlijk ontspannen wat baantjes getrokken en tot slot in de stoomcabine. Dit beviel me wel, zo vind zelfs ík de sportschool leuk! Dinsdag hebben we het iets sportiever aangepakt en hebben we ons voor een groepsles funxtion ingeschreven. Funxtion is een circuit van 6-8 oefeningen die je 50 seconden doet en vervolgens krijg je 10 seconden om door te wisselen en dat een half uur lang. Het was heerlijk, het was zeer lang geleden dat ik zó intensief gesport heb, ik was compleet gesloopt maar zeer voldaan. Er na weer heerlijk het warme zwembad en de stoomcabine in, wat de spieren goed beviel.

Zaterdag lukte het me pas weer om mijn armen boven schouder hoogte optillen zonder spierpijn. Heb ik spijt? Nee absoluut niet. Inmiddels ben ik van 50eh per dag naar 30-35 eh gezakt. Door de spierpijn door mijn hele lijf word ik bij elke beweging eraan herinnerd dat ik weer flink sporten kan. Ik had vooraf véél suiker nodig, had achteraf een milde hypo en zal dit voorlopig niet doen zonder dat vriendlief mee gaat, maar ik heb het wel mooi gedaan! Nu staat de sportschool nog voor in punten, maar straks, straks als ik een funxtion les doe zonder 4 dagen lang spierpijn, dan heb ik gewonnen 🙂

The gym vs Me

Last Monday the boyfriend and I have been members of the gym for three weeks! By the second day of our subscription I could barely lift my arms above my head from the muscle ache… Talking about an over-ambitious start :’)

In addition to the low-carb diet the boyfriend wanted to work-out more often. Although I run 2-3 times a week I figured I would go with him when he wanted to go check out a gym. This wasn’t just any ordinary gym, this was a gym like you would see in the movies! With pretty purple lighting, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a swimming pool including bubble baths. As I wanted to go swimming more often, and pick up tennis once I have completed my running goals this gym seemed like a perfect fit. It combined the two sports I wanted, gives me the opportunity to train some muscles which I will need to get better at them, and did I mention the bubble baths??

Naturally we went to go work-out as soon as we were allowed. We went to the attic, dusted off our tennis rackets and had great fun playing together. After which we had a nice cooling down in the heated pool. I can definitely get used to this! Tuesday we went a little more exotic and signed up for a funxtion class. We weren’t quite sure what it was, but burning 500 calories in half an hour sounded good to us. It turns out it was a lot of fun but very brutal. After a quick warm-up you have 6-8 different exercises which you do for 50 seconds, and then you get 10 seconds to swap to the next exercise. You repeat this 2 more times. The first round was fine, it sure worked up a sweat. The second round was a bit more intense, but you don’t want to give up too easily so you push a little harder. And the third round… well let’s just say I’m happy I survived and not surprised I had muscle aches until Saturday. I can’t even remember the last time I worked out this intensely without my sugars making me quite ahead of time, which made this workout extra great!

It wasn’t until Saturday though that I could finally lift my arms up above my head again. I may have been a bit overly enthusiastic. Do I have any regrets? Actually, I don’t. A nice bonus (instead of bolus, lol) is that the low carb diet + exercising has lowered by daily insulin requirements from 50 units a day to 30-35. The gym is still ahead of me now, giving me all this muscle ache, but once I do a funxtion class without 4 days of pain, then I shall be the victor!