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Concert at Sea

Recently I went to a festival in the Netherlands (Concert at Sea). The Dutch band Bløf created this festival and the boyfriend and I are big fans so we thought it was the perfect way to celebrate our five year anniversary. My parents have a small beach house nearby and I have been going there as long as I can remember. We usually don’t go the snackbar very often, unless we are here. The snackbar there has such great fries, and they are even glutenfree!
Every summer when we return something has changed, this year that was the re-vamp of the fish store. It is now a beautiful, modern store and the great news is that they now have a separate frier so they can make glutenfree baked fish! After having bought some glutenfree bread at the bakery the enjoyment could begin. For such a small place they have quite some glutenfree options 🙂 Even the pancake restaurant can make glutenfree pancakes!

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