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A new year

The first day of January always feels a little strange (and no, I don’t mean a hangover), it’s a similar feeling to the day after your birthday. A year has passed, thus it is the start of something new, and yet it still feels like an ordinary day.

However, this year it is different, this year January 1st is the beginning of the first year I won’t have trouble with my blood sugars due to my insulin allergy. It is the year where I already have more energy, better sugars and less stress / frustrations due to my diabetes. This morning I went running, alone ! For the first time in ages I felt confident about going on my own without telling my exact route to someone and being weighed down by all the hypo food. A sachet of fluid sugar, some sugar tabs, a water bottle and my keys was all that I had with me. My sensor also has a vacation so I even left my pump at home ! Due to my vacation I do have a separate basal rate due to all the sleeping in but other than that my sugars are doing fine without the sensor. A year ago, up to 3 months ago this was unimaginable!

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Hospital day 3

Today I was ready for my last vial as I had put in so much effort and time the last two days. However, usually something happens which changes everything again but I was still hoping on getting out today, or at least not to have dinner in the hospital!

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Life is like the game of goose…

Life can be a fairy tale, but maybe it’s more realistic to compare it to the game of goose. You can’t always live on cloud nine, or in the case of the game, on geese. Not every square has a goose on it allowing you to go further. Some squares are ‘normal’, some make you go a few steps back, sometimes you need help from someone else to continue and sometimes you land on ‘death’ requiring you to start over. Unfortunately this option isn’t possible in real life…

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Insulin allergy

Unbelievable, no idea that it was possible but apparently it is… As a person with diabetes you can be allergic to insulin… I am allergic to the adjuvant in long-acting insulin and on top of that I am allergic to humane insulin which is in all types of short-acting insulin.  Huh, come again? How is this possible? And how can I be alive, insulin is my lifeline after all!

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