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James Bond

It was very early last Thursday, and per usual I was a couple of minutes late. This was a slight problem as I had an important meeting in Amsterdam and I could not miss the train! Naturally the pump gave a clog-alarm during breakfast but I figured this was probably a false-alarm as it usually is. I re-start the bolus and quickly bike to the station. The moment I drive off it starts to rain but I don’t have time to grab some gloves so in six minutes time I no longer have any feeling in my hands. With three minutes to spare I am at the station, so far so good!

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Per 18 december 2015 ben ik afgestudeerd. Gisterenwas mijn diploma uitreiking en nu mag ik officieel de titel Msc gebruiken! Er zijn veel up’s and downs geweest de afgelopen 5,5 jaar… maar ik ben toch wel erg trots dat ik geen uitloop gehad heb  door mijn slechte suikers! Indirect wel door mijn diabetes maar ik heb het er graag voor gehad over om in 2013 voorafgaand aan het wereld diabetes congres in Australië nog 2,5 week door dat fantastische land te reizen!

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As of December 18th I am done with my Masters. Yesterday I finally had my graduation ceremony so now I am officially allowed to use my Msc title! There have been a lot of up’s and downs the past 5,5 years…. despite this I am extremely proud I did not have any study delay due to my bad sugars! Indirectly my delay did occur because of my diabetes, but that was because I was an invited speaker at the 2013 World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia, and I wanted to take the chance and travel through this lovely country!

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Running with diabetes

Running; usually I enjoy it, occasionally I wonder why bother… but most of the times I can get myself off the couch and into the great wide open. Since before I had diabetes I already participated in track and field team, and ever since I’ve spent more years running than doing other sports. However the last two years before the insulin allergy treatment were tough. I would often want to go running yet often my sugars would be so inconsistent I either wouldn’t go or would need somebody to accompany me. My dad has been my coach for years and my mom my biggest fan. They were there when I would be soaked from the mud after a cross country run, would accompany me if my sugars were bad, cheer me on if I lacked motivation and picked me up if I couldn’t finish my run.
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Glutenvrij quiche deeg – koud is de sleutel

Er zijn een paar dingen die mij nog niet gelukt zijn om glutenvrij goed na te maken van het gluten bevattende origineel. Denk dan aan croissants, soesjes en quiche. Mijn laatste poging om quiche te maken was…. tja … interessant maar het leek niet op quiche!

Toen ik bij de Gebaksjuwelier was voor een high tea lag daar een magazine met glutenvrije recepten, waaronder tips en tricks voor het bakken van een quiche. Ik heb me gelijk in het artikel verdiept en vroeg me af of deze paar kleine wijzingen daadwerkelijk het verschil tussen lekker en baksteen konden maken. Warempel, dat konden ze!

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Young Leaders growing up

Currently I am in Vancouver, Canada. Next week, the World Diabetes Congress will take place here and people from all over the world will come together to talk about diabetes. For the past two times, prior to this congress young people with diabetes have come together for the Young Leaders in Diabetes program. I was there since the beginning as a participant, and have now had the honor to be returning as faculty.

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