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It’s time!

Last week I have been very busy with forms to request study delay due to medical reasons and trying to figure out how I can improve my situation. The student doctor gave me the advice to call the insurance company and to try and email the doctor which made my allergy diagnosis. Thursday I received a confirmation my email was sent to the doctor.

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Review: Medtronic running shirt

Recently I received an email from Medtronic that new accessories were available. I have had a pump for more than ten years and I couldn’t remember there ever being new ones so I was excited. It was a beautiful digital folder which, due to digital interactions, was fun to look through!

Whilst browsing I happened upon something genius and immediately knew I wanted to have this! It was a sports shirt designed especially for pump users with pockets where the pump would fit. Usually I would use the clip to attach the pump to my sports bra, but it isn’t very stable there and it gives a rash on my skin, so it really isn’t a great spot.

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Life is like the game of goose…

Life can be a fairy tale, but maybe it’s more realistic to compare it to the game of goose. You can’t always live on cloud nine, or in the case of the game, on geese. Not every square has a goose on it allowing you to go further. Some squares are ‘normal’, some make you go a few steps back, sometimes you need help from someone else to continue and sometimes you land on ‘death’ requiring you to start over. Unfortunately this option isn’t possible in real life…

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The phone call

Last Wednesday was October 1st, the date was circled in my agenda. After October 1st I was allowed to call the hospital to ask where I was on the waiting list to get treated for the insulin allergy. This was as exams were coming up and I wanted to know if precautions needed to be taken, and mostly to not drive myself insane by deciding every day if I should call or not.

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Recently I had to go to the hospital in Amsterdam to be tested for insulin allergy. A slightly double feeling, because if they find something at least I know where all my roller coaster sugars are coming from, but also slightly screwed, because what do you do without insulin as a person with diabetes?

Before my gluten intolerance I would go to the McDonald’s occasionally but it’s such a hassle bringing your own bun, finding a microwave to heat it and then getting the burger on your bread and eating it without the bun falling apart.

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I spy with my little eye; people like me

You are a patient, regardless if you have diabetes, you are celiac or you have hay fever. You are ‘different‘. And sometimes you get confronted with it if you like it or not. For example at a dinner where there is no glutenfree food or when you are declined at a job interview due to your ‘condition’. Without asking for it you are constantly reminded by others that you are ‘different‘.

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