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Splash Mountain

Twas the middle of the night, everything was dark and I woke up with a parched mouth and excessive thirst. How could this be? I had just drank Splash Mountain?!

I am not unfamiliar to the fact that blood sugars can influence your dreams. Many a times have I woken up from dreams about delicious meals, gigantic cakes, or bathing in ice cream. Whenever I wake up I know my sugars will be crazy low and it will take all the strength to only eat some sugar tabs instead of the entire pantry.

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The gym vs Me

Last Monday the boyfriend and I have been members of the gym for three weeks! By the second day of our subscription I could barely lift my arms above my head from the muscle ache… Talking about an over-ambitious start :’)

In addition to the low-carb diet the boyfriend wanted to work-out more often. Although I run 2-3 times a week I figured I would go with him when he wanted to go check out a gym. This wasn’t just any ordinary gym, this was a gym like you would see in the movies! With pretty purple lighting, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a swimming pool including bubble baths. As I wanted to go swimming more often, and pick up tennis once I have completed my running goals this gym seemed like a perfect fit. It combined the two sports I wanted, gives me the opportunity to train some muscles which I will need to get better at them, and did I mention the bubble baths??

Naturally we went to go work-out as soon as we were allowed. We went to the attic, dusted off our tennis rackets and had great fun playing together. After which we had a nice cooling down in the heated pool. I can definitely get used to this! Tuesday we went a little more exotic and signed up for a funxtion class. We weren’t quite sure what it was, but burning 500 calories in half an hour sounded good to us. It turns out it was a lot of fun but very brutal. After a quick warm-up you have 6-8 different exercises which you do for 50 seconds, and then you get 10 seconds to swap to the next exercise. You repeat this 2 more times. The first round was fine, it sure worked up a sweat. The second round was a bit more intense, but you don’t want to give up too easily so you push a little harder. And the third round… well let’s just say I’m happy I survived and not surprised I had muscle aches until Saturday. I can’t even remember the last time I worked out this intensely without my sugars making me quite ahead of time, which made this workout extra great!

It wasn’t until Saturday though that I could finally lift my arms up above my head again. I may have been a bit overly enthusiastic. Do I have any regrets? Actually, I don’t. A nice bonus (instead of bolus, lol) is that the low carb diet + exercising has lowered by daily insulin requirements from 50 units a day to 30-35. The gym is still ahead of me now, giving me all this muscle ache, but once I do a funxtion class without 4 days of pain, then I shall be the victor!

It’s a low-carb life for me

In my last post I shared my personal feat of baking something which tasted delicious despite it being low-carb and gluten free. Yet why challenge yourself with low-carb when gluten and dairy are also not your friends? Recently I discussed my fear of the return of the insulin allergy; the less insulin you require, the less chance there is of the allergy coming back. Besides, every person living with diabetes knows that insulin promotes fat storage, so less insulin really can’t do any harm.

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James Bond

It was very early last Thursday, and per usual I was a couple of minutes late. This was a slight problem as I had an important meeting in Amsterdam and I could not miss the train! Naturally the pump gave a clog-alarm during breakfast but I figured this was probably a false-alarm as it usually is. I re-start the bolus and quickly bike to the station. The moment I drive off it starts to rain but I don’t have time to grab some gloves so in six minutes time I no longer have any feeling in my hands. With three minutes to spare I am at the station, so far so good!

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As of December 18th I am done with my Masters. Yesterday I finally had my graduation ceremony so now I am officially allowed to use my Msc title! There have been a lot of up’s and downs the past 5,5 years…. despite this I am extremely proud I did not have any study delay due to my bad sugars! Indirectly my delay did occur because of my diabetes, but that was because I was an invited speaker at the 2013 World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia, and I wanted to take the chance and travel through this lovely country!

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Running with diabetes

Running; usually I enjoy it, occasionally I wonder why bother… but most of the times I can get myself off the couch and into the great wide open. Since before I had diabetes I already participated in track and field team, and ever since I’ve spent more years running than doing other sports. However the last two years before the insulin allergy treatment were tough. I would often want to go running yet often my sugars would be so inconsistent I either wouldn’t go or would need somebody to accompany me. My dad has been my coach for years and my mom my biggest fan. They were there when I would be soaked from the mud after a cross country run, would accompany me if my sugars were bad, cheer me on if I lacked motivation and picked me up if I couldn’t finish my run.
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Gluten free quiche dough – cool is key

There are a few things which I have not been able to find gluten free which taste similar to their original gluten containing forms. These products include croissants, soesjes (dutch pastry which is most similar to cream puffs) and quiche. My last attempt at baking a quiche was edible but the dough did not resemble quiche in any way!

When I visited the Gebaksjuwelier for a high tea, I found the gluten free magazine containing tips and tricks for baking a perfect gluten free quiche. My interested was immediately spiked, could these few tips really help? It turned out they can!

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Young Leaders growing up

Currently I am in Vancouver, Canada. Next week, the World Diabetes Congress will take place here and people from all over the world will come together to talk about diabetes. For the past two times, prior to this congress young people with diabetes have come together for the Young Leaders in Diabetes program. I was there since the beginning as a participant, and have now had the honor to be returning as faculty.

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