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The phone call

Last Wednesday was October 1st, the date was circled in my agenda. After October 1st I was allowed to call the hospital to ask where I was on the waiting list to get treated for the insulin allergy. This was as exams were coming up and I wanted to know if precautions needed to be taken, and mostly to not drive myself insane by deciding every day if I should call or not.

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Recently I had to go to the hospital in Amsterdam to be tested for insulin allergy. A slightly double feeling, because if they find something at least I know where all my roller coaster sugars are coming from, but also slightly screwed, because what do you do without insulin as a person with diabetes?

Before my gluten intolerance I would go to the McDonald’s occasionally but it’s such a hassle bringing your own bun, finding a microwave to heat it and then getting the burger on your bread and eating it without the bun falling apart.

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I spy with my little eye; people like me

You are a patient, regardless if you have diabetes, you are celiac or you have hay fever. You are ‘different‘. And sometimes you get confronted with it if you like it or not. For example at a dinner where there is no glutenfree food or when you are declined at a job interview due to your ‘condition’. Without asking for it you are constantly reminded by others that you are ‘different‘.

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And the winner is…

Saturday September 13th  2014 there was an actual glutenfree bake-off! This was organized by .

Upon arrival delicious cookies and homemade muffins were waiting to be devoured. With drinks and baked goods we got know each other and conversations were started. Questions like “what food do you miss the most?”, “how long have you been eating glutenfree” or comments like “at our place everyone eats glutenfree” or “glutenfree food is so expensive” were exchanged. After a brief introduction the time had come, we were allowed to get started!

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Insulin allergy

Unbelievable, no idea that it was possible but apparently it is… As a person with diabetes you can be allergic to insulin… I am allergic to the adjuvant in long-acting insulin and on top of that I am allergic to humane insulin which is in all types of short-acting insulin.  Huh, come again? How is this possible? And how can I be alive, insulin is my lifeline after all!

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High in the sky

I live together with my boyfriend, and this lovely chap has a hobby called ‘soaring’. This is a lovely sport where you fly in an airplane which has no engines. No engines? Well how does that work? Well basically the plane is hooked to a cable which catapults you into the air, or you get pulled by a motorized plane. The good thing about soaring is, you can never crash due to engine failure!

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