Running with diabetes

...Since before I had diabetes I already participated in track and field team, and ever since I’ve spent more years running than doing other sports. However the last two years before the insulin allergy treatment were tough...

Blue – White – Red

14 November 2015: my one year anniversary being insulin-allergy free, World Diabetes Day and the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris. How then, to write a blog post? Blue, the color of diabetes. For me November 14th has a special meaning, namely World Diabetes Day. A day where I often organized fun activities. A …

Present tense, Past and Future; Using thesis writing to look back on my life

Flash back to a year ago; it was horrible. I remember I went home crying one day because the allergy doctor had told me that after two months I was still 12th on the treatment waiting list. My sugars got worse every day. I barely drove myself because my sugars were simply not stable enough for it to be safe so my mom or boyfriend went with me to meetings because they didn’t want me going alone by train either.

Night owl

It is 1 o’clock at night and I am walking through the city center of Groningen. I couldn’t possible have a bigger smile on my face. Who would've thought I would willingly be awake this late at night a year ago? To my surprise, the doors which are firmly shut during the day are now …

Check check, double check

Last week I had my last appointment with the insulin allergy department in Amsterdam. Because of some minor snowfall all transport in the Netherlands is de-railed and as it had snowed the day before we took off bright and early. It was the first time that I was actually happy to be going to the hospital; I could simply not wait to tell them how well everything was going!

A new year

vuurwerk-watermerk The first of January always feels a little strange (and no, I don’t mean a hangover), it’s a similar feeling to the day after your birthday. A year has passed, thus it is the start of something new, and yet it still feels like an ordinary day. However, this year it is different, this year January 1st is the beginning of the first year I won’t have trouble with my blood sugars due to my insulin allergy. It is the year where I already have more energy, better sugars and less stress / frustrations due to my diabetes.....

World Diabetes Day

World diabetes day (November 14th) is the day that diabetes is the center of attention worldwide. It is also the first day of my ‘new’ life with diabetes. Do I feel different? To be honest, not really… yet I know that I will look back at this day for the rest of my life. I can remember the things I did the first couple of days after my diagnosis with diabetes. This day feels a little less drastic then after my diagnosis, but it is still the first day of the rest of my life........ grafiek 01

Hospital day 3

IMG_4539 Today I was ready for my last vial as I had put in so much effort and time the two days before. However, with me usually something happens which changes everything again but I was still hoping on getting out today, or at least not to have dinner in the hospital! ................. Read more

Hospital – Day 2

Today is my second day in the hospital. I haven’t slept very well, or long for that matter. The bed is not very comfortable, it squeaks, I had a bad hypo, and unfortunately I woke up from my roommate a couple of times because she was in so much pain. IMG_4533

Hospital day 1

logo_vumc_eng I ended up falling into a restless sleep. The boyfriends alarm went off at 06.00 and for some strange reason I couldn’t sleep anymore. I ended up watching some series in bed. I wasn’t very nervous, there was still a chance I wouldn’t get to start the treatment. If my temperature would be too high I wouldn’t be allowed to start and there could always be an emergent situation causing my bed to be needed by someone else. The wing my bed was on doesn’t have specific beds for the desensitization so if anything would happen my bed would be given up. This is also the reason it takes so long before patients can be treated. The chance that I would get the treatment and it wouldn’t work is also an option. But then at least you can continue, you don’t have to wait on something which may or may not work. For now I am taking a step forward, regardless if it will work or not…