Dexcom: crash and burn

After the first night with dexy I was a little less enthusiastic. During the day I had noticed that the app would crash every time I would open it but since I silenced all alarms on my apple watch I didn’t think too much about it. I was very happy when dexy woke me up to a low relatively in time. I turned off the alarm, or so I thought, and got out my sugar tablets. I had set all alarms to vibrate so was quite shocked when after five minutes my alarm went off again; full volume. Its safe to say my husband was not too pleased…. I tried turning the alarm off again but every time I would open the app it would simply crash. If I would open up the app again the alarm would be gone but nevertheless it would go off after 5 minutes again. I ended up just turning off the alarm, waiting until I was out of the alarm zone and then turning them back on. This was not making me a happy chappy….

The next morning I started googling what on earth was going on. I found some posts on reddit but usually it was suggested that the phone may be too old, yet I have an iPhone 7. Surely this would not be the problem..? Until now I still haven’t figured out what it was. Although I did get a message every once in a while that they were testing the app. As I was sick I didn’t have the energy to call the help desk. The solution online was to  use the receiver during the night. Not only can you actually change volumes on the receiver (something which is NOT possible on your phone) turning off alarms actually works. Unfortunately I did not get a receiver for my trial… I thought I would be smart and I downloaded the share app in the hope to then only get alarms via the share app.

Dexcom for the win
Accuracy is amazing!

Unfortunately when my phone is in do-not-disturb mode alarms don’t get through from the share app. Kudo’s though that the alarms from the original dexcom app do work. Since this didn’t work I figured I would cave and wear my apple watch to bed. At 02:00 am I realized that alarms do not get sent to your apple watch in do-not-disturb mode. The only way to turn off alarms was when you open the app to tap the phone like crazy in the hope it worked. If it didn’t the only other option was to open the app numerous times until I was lucky enough to get the alarm notification again. Supposedly you should get an option directly in the notification to silence the alarm without opening the app, for some reason I never got this option. Perhaps since I’ve updated all my devices to the latest ios..?

When the app doesn’t crash, I very much like the fact you can enter all your meals, exercise, sickness, cycle, alcohol or bolus insulin. The only thing I miss is an option to enter temp basal changes. Another annoying thing is that if you make a mistake in entering your information there is no way to change it later. To be fair otherwise  I still really like the system. The dexcom works super, for the first time in my life I actually am only measuring when I need to calibrate. After checking my sugars a lot the first 24 hours dexy was never off by a lot and I started to trust the values on act on them.

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