Imagine, 15 minutes before you need to leave your sensor gives a high-alarm; 19.2

Yeah right, the thing is probably wrong again.

Outside I see a few drops falling, better check the weather app. There is a spike in rain in roughly 15 minutes. Hmm although it’s not very far I better take the car.

Yesterday the sensor gave a 14.0 when actually my blood glucose was 9.2.

Decide it’s better to check to be sure 10 minutes before I need to leave. 19.8 #%#@ !

I run upstairs to quickly change my site. When was the last time I changed it? I honestly don’t remember and I’ve been a little high all afternoon.

I run out of the house just in time and jump on my bike. Just when I leave the street some rain drops tickly my nose. By the time I decide this isn’t too bad the rain starts to pour down.

It’s only a 15-minute bike ride but once I arrive I am soaked through and through. I can retrace my tracks by following the puddles I have left in the hall and stairs. When I stand still a puddle forms around my feet.

First I take off the soaking wet jacket, after which I try to use my sweater as a towel to dry off my hair a little.

After 10 minutes four fat rain drops which have managed to escape the towel roll down my neck. Brrrrrrrrr ….



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