Blue – White – Red

14 November 2015: my one year anniversary being insulin-allergy free, World Diabetes Day and the day after the terrorist attacks in Paris. How then, to write a blog post?

Blue, the color of diabetes. For me November 14th has a special meaning, namely World Diabetes Day. A day where I often organized fun activities. A day to take a moment to think about all the difficulties diabetes brings, but also to celebrate I am one of the fortunate ones who can grow old with diabetes. A day to raise awareness about the disease that kills someone every 7 seconds. Yet it is also a day where all diabetics worldwide are united, from blood glucose bingo on twitter to wearing blue clothes. Completely in style I made a blue cake, for WDD but also for my anniversary.

White, the color of peace, and of a sugar cube. The last year I have made peace with my diabetes after years of fighting. My diabetes and I are on the same page, it’s no longer pulling me backwards when I want to go forward. For years I went to diabetes camps or organized activities, simply so I had something positive to relate to my diabetes. It gave me the strength to continue on those difficult days. Now, a year after my successful insulin-allergy treatment I feel young, free, and sometimes even flexible!

Red, the color of blood. Today I don’t mean that droplet of blood every diabetic forces out of their finger multiple times a day. Today red stands for all the victims from the Paris attacks. The world is in shock, how could this have happened? Many colors are lit up today, not in blue for WDD, but in blue-white-red for France. So much fear and so little we can do. Yet we stand strong, just like diabetics unite by wearing blue, the world unites by ‘wearing’ the French flag on their buildings or profile pictures. It seems we can do so little, yet the message of solidarity and a united front is one of the strongest things there is!

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