Wabi Sabi 

There is this song: “it’s got to beeeeeeeee perfect”, and I sing it in my head a lot. I am not a perfectionist in the sense that I can keep trying until I succeed, far from it. If it ain’t working I get frustrated and walk away. But I have to be happy with something before I will send it in, if not it will feel not done, I will feel insecure about it and I will be less proud of my work. If something of mine is not perfect I can handle it, but I better have done my darn best!

So when my sugars were never good, I could cope knowing I was trying everything possible. Some days this broke me, as what is there left to try? But usually it would be okay and if not Wabi Sabi; which basically means the imperfect is perfect. The three realities are as follows: “nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” Something I try to remind myself of multiple times per day…

With this in mind I will try to post recipes. I love baking and I do it a lot but I only wanted to post something that I was completely happy with. Which has now lead me to the grand total of 1 recipe on this blog. So next time I bake something I will take pictures and post it, Wabi Sabi. This way you can learn from my mistakes or suggest improvements. Because if I’ve learnt one thing this past year, it’s that “you neeeeeevvvveer walk aaaaaaallllooonnneee”.