Hospital – Day 2

Today is my second day in the hospital. I haven’t slept very well, or long for that matter. The bed is not very comfortable, it squeaks, I had a bad hypo, and unfortunately I woke up from my roommate a couple of times because she was in so much pain.

The good news is that I got through five vials today! It required some dedication as I spent 12 hours on it and injected myself every 15 minutes but it was totally worth it! The dinner they gave me today was even worse than the one I received yesterday. Today I got less potatoes, no meat/proteins and the green peas had butter over them (and they were claimed to be lactosefree!). Luckily my mom had brought some ketchup for on the potatoes and some instant pasta. Again I was very disappointed in the food and I asked the food lady how it was possible. Apparently you need to select your food at breakfast a day in advance, and as I only arrived just before lunch I had to eat whatever was on the menu and was within my dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, that was barely anything…

Before having food I was a bit too high, and that was a little scary. During my diagnosis I was high for the entire afternoon, was I having an allergic reaction? *Yikes* It was a miracle to me that after one (!) correction my sugars were back to normal. Usually I would have been high for hours and needed multiple corrections before the insulin would finally work. I went to bed with 5,2 mmol (100 mg/dl) and woke-up with 6,0 mmol (120 mg/dl). Unbelievable, a perfect night, that wasn’t possible. Was my sensor working, what was happening??????