Review: Medtronic running shirt

Recently I received an email from Medtronic that new accessories were available. I have had a pump for more than ten years and I couldn’t remember there ever being new ones so I was excited. It was a beautiful digital folder which, due to digital interactions, was fun to look through!

Whilst browsing I happened upon something genius and immediately knew I wanted to have this! It was a sports shirt designed especially for pump users with pockets where the pump would fit. Usually I would use the clip to attach the pump to my sports bra, but it isn’t very stable there and it gives a rash on my skin, so it really isn’t a great spot.

The people from Medtronic were so kind to send me a free shirt in trade for a review. A deal I was all too willing to make, this shirt seemed to be the solution for all athletic #PWD.

Once the package arrived I immediately unpacked it. The shirt was black and you immediately see all the pockets, but not in a bad way! The pockets feel sturdy and I had a good feeling about my pump staying in it, even if you would do summer saults !

Of course I put on the shirt as well, and noticed that it was a little tight on my stomach, which is okay for a sports shirt. The top of the shirt was pretty roomy though, and the sleeves reached until my elbows. Even on my (larger than average) cleavage the shirt is pretty loose ?! The shirt is also very long, but at least you won’t get a cold back! The material feels very nice, it feels like lycra which I personally find a very nice material because it absorbs the sweat nicely.

The next time I went running I obviously wore the shirt, but where to leave the pump, there is so much choice! The pockets on the sleeve are eliminated as I have my site in one arm and wear my phone with running app on the other. I choose to use one on my side. Time for a good old-fashioned blond moment, I put the pump into the pocket and think: did Medtronic really not think about making a hole where the tubing can go through? Naturally they did think about this and after taking off the shirt again I found them. This is really nice as now I can’t get my tubing stuck everywhere! The only thing is that I haven’t quite figured out if I should try to force my cap through the hole or take the reservoir out of the pomp and poke that through. Anyway, the pump was in the pocket, the tubing was underneath the shirt, time to go run!

As I suspected the material was great whilst running. From a distance you can’t see that this is a special ‘medical’ shirt which is a really big bonus! Because the shirt is so long on me it did move up and down with every step, including the pump in the pocket. Meanwhile I have figured out that if I were my water bottle belt over the shirt this prevents it from moving. As mentioned the sleeves were very long and very wide, which has the bonus of being able to use them to wipe off the sweat from my forehead. During my run my sensor alarm went off, let’s check what it says! Taking the pump out of the shirt was doable whilst running, only getting it back in was a hassle, and without stopping undoable. This may be because the shirt is big on me on the wrong spots, which is exactly where all the pockets are.

The shirt is available in the sizes S/M and L/XL, and of course I am someone who needs M/L. I suspect that this may be the reason why the shirt doesn’t quite fit me right. I do think that when the shirt fits most of my qualms are gone!

The shirt is a great idea and has a lot of potential, but unfortunately in my case it doesn’t reach my expectations. This most likely is due to it not being the right fit for me. Really handy are all the pockets, they aren’t just handy for your pump, you can also store your keys or some sugar in them!