(No) fail recipe

For me baking cakes is soothing. There is nothing so relaxing to know that you are creating something delicious. After the unfortunate news that my desensitization treatment would still be a while I had a strong urge to bake a cake. I already had an idea in my head regarding decorations as I was not in the mood for anything difficult.

It would become a beautiful purple cake. My mom and sister had brough purple color bites from the USA to bake in your cake. They also brought purple color mist and I had recently bought my own purple coloring. (Who can guess what my favorite color is?) I had wanted to pipe roses for a while and saw this really neat technique how you could make an awesome color border.

The plan was ready and I had found a sponge-cake recipe online. My mom had recently made a glutenfree sponge-cake which had turned out really well. With my recent baking win I should be able to pull it off, right? Besides, this was claimed to be a no-fail recipe.

Whilst baking I noticed the cake wasn’t really rising. I figured it was once again due to it being glutenfree. I had all my decorating supplies ready and I already started piping roses. When the cake came out of the oven, I suspected something might have gone wrong. It didn’t look anything like the sponge-cake my mom had made.

When I wanted to coat the cake with icing I knew this cake was horrible but hoped it would still be edible. I had put some extra icing on and placed my beautiful roses. At least these had worked out!


Whilst cutting the cake it felt a little hard. Ah well, a cookie-cake, it should be possible. Of course a finger was first swiped through the icing, mmmmm this was good! Next a bite of the cake was taken. The face of the boy-friend said more than a thousand words. For a moment I thought it was just because he isn’t used to glutenfree food. Until I took a bit. It was the first time in my life that I did not finish the cake. It was as hard as a brick! A classic glutenfree failure. We ended up just licking the icing off the cake. What went wrong? No idea. So much for a no-fail recipe…